Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Stars

Last night we had the coolest FHE ever! Thanks to one of the partners at Ian's firm, we were able to go to a professional hockey game. We watched the Dallas Stars play the San Jose Sharks. We led the whole game until the last 9 minutes when the Sharks scored 2 points. We took off before it was over because everyone was getting sleepy, dispite all the excitement. Jenna and Reagan both loved it. But Jenna was going nuts! She was clapping, screaming, and dancing the WHOLE time! It was my first hockey game too. I loved it too. It is so fast and exciting. So much fun! And the tickets were so awesome. We were so close that we could see the players expressions and even could see the insignia on the puck. Our seats were right behind the Stars' box. Very cool!!! I love hockey!

When we lived in Dallas 3 summers ago (while Ian was summering for 2 firms), we went to a Texas Rangers baseball game. Can I just say, between professional baseball and hockey, hockey wins hands down!


I can honestly say that I have lost track of the number of black eyes Reagan has gotten in her short period of life. It seems absolutely nuts to me to think that I have never had one but by age 5, she has had quite a few. Ian is convinced that if we had lived in the same location for each black eye, we would have had CPS at our door. Just to make the record straight, she and another girl tripped (at school---possibly pushed) and fell into each other. Reagan hit her face into Sarah's head. So of course, Reagan is the one that was bruised up.

So once again, another black eye!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Music makes me so happy. I was just reading my friend Holly's blog and she has such fun music going on. It is funny all of the feelings that get stirred up from something so simple as a song. I was listening to the song "Kissing You". You know the one that is on Romeo and Juliet (the one with Leo) and I just felt this funny butterfly feeling---like you are on a date with someone you are totally into. And then another song came on"Hey Ya" from Outkast, and I just started dancing in my chair. Don't you just love the way music makes you feel!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I know that it shouldn't bug me so much considering the fact that I am truly young but......I can't believe that I am 28! It really seems horrible. I guess because I am in my late 20's now. I am almost 30! It really does seem silly. But for some reason I don't like the sound of 28.

Today, I had a very nice birthday. I received calls from family and friends, offers for lunch, and my kids made me some cute cards. Ian absolutely spoiled me with delicious food and treats! He totally knows the way to my heart. He got me some gorgeous roses. I got the bed (headboard/footboard) that I have been wanting. And I plan on getting some clothes and shoes too (thanks to Ian and my parents). It has been such a nice birthday despite the number 28. I guess that would mean that 28 isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 Weeks Ago

The end of September/beginning of October was filled with fun things. One of the things was that my parents visited us for about a week. We were able to show them our house, Coppell, Reg's school, new friends, and all of the great shopping within 20 minutes of us. It was so wonderful to have them with us. Within 48 hours, my mother had us completely unpacked, organized storage, and decorated for Halloween. My dad cooked basically every meal (he loves to cook). Jenna was put down for every nap and bedtime by my mom. It was so nice to not have that responsibility for a week (she really hates bedtime). They attended Grandparents' Day at Reagan's school. We had a mini birthday party for Jenna (she turns 2 on Friday). And of course, the girls were spoiled with yummy treats, movies, toys, clothes, and all the attention that they could dream of. That week was the week that Ian was working a crazy amount of time. So it was great to have playmates while Ian had vanished. We really had so much fun.

Like I mentioned above, we celebrated Jenna's 2nd Birthday. She was so funny. With all of the clothes that she got, she kept on squealing. She was so excited. She even made me put it all on her, at once. Jenna was so excited about her cake and singing happy birthday. She loved every minute of the mini party.

The other thing that was really cute was that Reagan (the kindergarten at Lakeside Elementary) had a Nursery Rhyme Parade. The Kindergarteners dressed up as Nursery Rhyme characters and put on a parade for the whole school. Reagan wanted to be Jill from Jack and Jill. We dressed her up, curled her hair, and took a ton of pictures. She loved it. It was really cute seeing all of the costumes.

We have had a busy and fun past 2 weeks. And we are so glad that we could share it all with my parents. It is so nice to have family come and visit, especially when we are alone here in the Dallas Metroplex. We can't wait for more visits from everyone!


So I am completely lost when it comes to computers. I honestly have no clue how I have been able to keep up this blog so far. I tried to put up a post that I had written earlier but hadn't published due to not being able to figure out pictures. Anyway, I posted it but it is further down.

One day I'll figure this thing out! ....but I doubt it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

That was quick!

I received a call yesterday asking if I would meet with a member from the bishopric this morning. Ian convinced me that I would probably be asked to join some committee or something to that effect. So I show up and find out that I was being released from my calling as Nursery Coordinator (my calling for technically one day---today--because General Conference doesn't count)! I found out today was a sweet gig N.C. is. But getting back to the subject, I have been called as the Laurel advisor! I am so going to be busy! So hopefully I won't lead these girls astray. I am now wishing that I was the Nursery Coordinator again. It really is a sweet gig.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jenna Turns Two

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday in Downtown

Today, after the morning session of Conference, we went to the Dallas Museum of Art. It was absolutely wonderful. It is a place that you can spend the whole day just looking and reading about everything. We were only able to see the first floor art because of the girls, but they actually had a good time too. We happened to go on the day that there was an art project for kids (the first Saturday of every month). The craft was a water pencil art project having to do with the Mt. Vesuvius exhibit. The exhibit was so amazing. There were pieces dating between 89 B.C. and the time of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. It is hard to imagine that something has lasted so long. Everything was beautiful. We are excited to go again.

The museum is just across the street from Ian's office. So we were also able to go and see where he works. He has a great view of downtown. It was fun to see where he spends most hours of the day. (The building is the top pics.)

All in all, we had a great day. Conference, Dallas Art Museum, The Office, and more Conference....yes it was a good day.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Not Again!

I think that I jinxed Reagan. The day after Jenna's head issue, I received a call from Lakeside's school nurse. She informed me that Reagan fell in the cafeteria and hit her head. It apparently made quite a loud noise. They had her icing her head all during lunch. I went and got her. She sure was excited to come home. As the day went on, I watched her and she seemed to be O.K.

What luck. I couldn't have imagined that it. Oh well. At least she (and Jenna) are fine.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Money, Money, Money, Money..... MONEY!

I realize that I have been complaining too much about Ian working lately. But one of the perks is not living on loans and actually having a salary. It is so nice to say, "Hey, we need to get Reg a new pair of shoes" and to actually go out and buy her a pair regardless of what part of the "semester" it is.

When Ian and I were first married, we received a great comforter as a wedding gift. And it is so worn out. And we are now in a king size bed (since we moved), where as we were in a queen before. So after hearing Ian complaining for several days about being cold at night, I was actually able to go out and buy a comforter. What an amazing and different feeling that was. So I guess there are some benefits to Ian working. (But I still wish that he could just hang out with me all day. :) )

Not another Emergency!

Sometimes I feel like all we do is go to the ER or even just the doctor's office for minor emergencies. Well today was another one of those days. After we (my parents, Jenna, and I) got home from Southlake my mother was laying Jenna for her nap. She noticed dried blood on her pillow. She immediately thought that Jenna must be having bloody noses like Reg has constantly. Something happened soon after and she forgot about it for the time being. When Jenna woke up, I touched the back of her head and felt something dry in her hair. I checked it out and it was blood. I cleaned it up with some peroxide (I've never seen anything bubble up like THAT before), and soon discovered a decently deep cut on her head. I freaked out and called the doctor. They said to bring her in but that it may be too late to do stitches---for infection purposes. Before we left, we checked out everything. We couldn't find any blood except for on her pillow. ****As a side note: Jenna woke up crying last night. We found her in the hallway, where she was insisting that only my mom care for her. So we just figured that she wasn't sleeping well. Also, just an hour ago, I discovered blood on her PJ's---Reg was late for school so I dressed Jenna so fast that I didn't notice it.**** So we went to the doctor. She told us that since it probably happened in the night, the window for putting stitches in was long past. She said that Jenna would have needed 3 stitches. But since we were past the window, we are going to have to apply some medication at least 4 times a day on it to prevent infection. And I have to do everything in my power to keep the wound clean and free of anymore injury until a good dry scab has formed.

Jenna has been great. She doesn't seem annoyed (yet) that I am constantly messing with her head. But there is still time for that. I feel horrible for her. We had no clue. I just hope that it heals well and very quickly. Luckily, the scar will be covered by her hair.

2 Emergencies for Jenna. And 0 for Reagan. But we have only been here for a month and a half. Who knows what the next month and a half will have in store for us.