Monday, July 28, 2008


As Melissa pointed out, I didn't tag anyone for the whole "10 Random Things". So I am tagging Erica, Audrey, Whitni, Tiffany, and Liz.

Alright ladies, I am interested in seeing who participates in this one. And what on earth you are going to say. Have fun and let's keep it semi clean. ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Random Things About Me

I consider myself an extremely boring person. So when I saw that I was tagged by my friend Melissa, I debated whether or not to participate in this one. Here is my horrible attempt at coming up with 10 random things about myself.

1. I buy chocolate and cookies and hide them from my children and husband so I can treat myself on a daily basis. (Unfortunately, my stash for this week was discovered by EVERYONE! And I was forced to share. Darn!)

2. I have a pretty long tongue. I can touch both my nose and chin with it.

3. I took piano lessons as a kid. The instructor told my mom that she was wasting her money on me!

4. I am one of the most unathletic and unflexible people I know. I can't even do a summersault (sp) straight.

5. I actually enjoy watching some kid shows with Reagan. I won't list them for embarrassment purposes.

6. Before Ian and I met, a friend of mine told me that he was coming home from his mission. And I declared that I was going to have to be his "personal welcoming commitee". It seemed to have worked.

7. When I was little, I used to eat peanut butter cookies dipped in mustard. Don't ask me how I thought that was good. It was my mustard faze.

8. I have never gone camping. (It seems like everyone I know goes.) To me, camping is staying at a bad hotel.

9. My Panamanian cousins consider my 2 sisters Latina but they call me Gringa. Which seems pretty funny considering that I am obviously brown. And my Utah family thinks we are all Latin. So where exactly does that put me... Being a mix can be difficult at times. I feel for Barack Obama.

10. I am going to the dreaded 10 Year High School Reunion this weekend. ...need I say more.

Monday, July 14, 2008


So far our summer/the month of July has consisted of a lot of swimming. I have been on a mission to make sure that the girls learn how to swim. So here is a mini update on their progress.

Reagan is finally swimming...but not coming up for air. I am hoping that this important skill will be tackled this week at swimming lessons. She was brave and jumped off the diving board (something that I as an adult still refuse to do. Yes. I am a major chicken). And she is working on floating on her back (that, I actually like to do).

Jenna...oh my gosh, Jenna! The kid is fearless which causes Mommy to be fearful! So she is swimming underwater (not coming up for air either). She loves going under. She too jumped off the diving board at swimming lessons on Thursday.

We went swimming with our friends the Ella, Aubrey (2 girls pictured above with my monkeys), Holly, and Cali on Friday, and just spent the whole day with them (thanks ladies, we had a blast). The whole time, Jenna was jumping into the water and swimming around whether I was near her or far from her. It was terrifying. And poor Reagan wanted to work on her swimming and Jen just wouldn't let her. Needless to say, Jenna is a nut!

I will attempt to put up some pictures of the girls at swimming lessons, in the near future.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm Back!

Earlier this week, I got back from my Vegas/Family Reunion trip. I left my wonderful hubby for 4 days alone with the girls. It was much needed. And I am very greatful that he was more than willing to send me off (like I said, it was a much needed break).

So the first 2 days were spent in Vegas with my younger sister. She showed off her mad lady skills (aka flirting) and got us upgrades in everything that you could possibly imagine. Way to go Heidi. We had a blast shopping, site seeing, and just talking our heads off.

She's funny!

Ian told Heidi to make sure that I was wild and crazy. ....this is about as wild and crazy as I get. I spent a whole dollar on 1 slot machine. I know what you are thinking, "this girl needs to settle down." :) So I am not exactly "wild and crazy", oh well.

I took my lovely date/sister to dinner and then we went and saw Wayne Brady. The guy was hilarious! The show consisted of comedy, singing, and dancing. We were very impressed and very entertained.

After a fun time in Vegas, we headed into Utah for our family reunion. It was fun to see uncles, aunts, and cousins. Our family has one of these every other year and the past 2 times I have skipped. So it was fun to be back.

Here is my dad and his brothers. My poor grandmother had 8 boys! (One passed away several years ago. We really miss my Uncle Tom.)

And here I am with my family. It was so great that we could be there together.

I had a great time, and Ian and the girls were alive when I got home. Who can ask for anything more.