Monday, November 26, 2007


Wow! I can't believe that I haven't blogged in about a month. So there are a lot of pictures to make up for the lost time.

The kindergarten classes at Lakeside Elementary had a "Thanksgiving Feast"---Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, grapes, popcorn, carrots, cheese, and pumpkin bread. (I think calling it a "Thanksgiving Feast" is a bit of a stretch.) Anyway, they put on a little musical performance for the parents and were able to show of the extremely cool "Pilgrim" outfits they made. Very nice hat and vest Reg! Jenna was pretty tired, so as you can tell from the first picture, she didn't really enjoy the festivities. Gotta love 2 year olds! :)

One of the things that Reagan was really excited about was that she was going to be able to sit by whoever she wanted to for lunch (plus the fact that she didn't bring her lunch kind of excited her too). Usually the kids sit down in the lunch room according to how they lined up in the class room. So the picture below is of Reagan with one of her best friends, Fatima. Her family just moved to Coppell from India. They are such a nice family. Reagan says that Fatima is sooo funny! She is always "cracking" Reagan up!

Of course, Jenna wanted to try on Reagan's very cool pilgrim hat. I think she looks very authentic. lol!

The girls were excited to take some pictures before we headed off to church yesterday.

Ian spoke on tithing. It seemed like everyone enjoyed his talk. But we all know that he is an excellent speaker. So it comes as no surprise. Reagan gave the prayer in Primary the same day. A little (or shall I say a big pregnant) birdy told me that she did so well. She said that Reg was very confident and didn't need any help. I think that she is enjoying the ward a bit more now.

The next picture is of Ian cutting up our Thanksgiving turkey. It was so delicious! Everything was delicious! It was so wonderful to have my parents come up and spend Thanksgiving with us. The girls had a blast with their Mama and Papa. They played together, ran around together, and even baked together. Jenna is still having withdrawls but we are working through it.

All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving. Every year we discuss what we are especially greatful for. I think that mine is always the same...Family. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family, both those that are near and far. But this year I am especially greatful for Ian. He is such a good man. He is a loving father and husband. And he works very hard to provide for us. When he has free time, he doesn't hang out with other guys. He spends every free moment with the girls and me. I know that he loves us very much. Not everyone has such a good man in their lives. And so I am especially thankful for Ian. We love you Hun!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday is a special day....

This Saturday we watched Grace while her mommy and daddy went to the Temple. Grace and Jenna spend a lot of time together during the week because their mommies have tons of fun together. Unfortunately, Jenna is about 7 months older and tends to be quite a bully. Her favorite is pushing kids. And she's really good at it. I wonder where she learned these mad pushing skills......maybe Reagan would know.

Then Ian and Reagan stained the deck and fence. Reagan always wanted to help paint her bedroom so when Ian asked if she wanted to help, she jumped at the chance. She didn't last but 15 minutes. I don't know if it was even that long. Anyway, she helped her daddy out and had fun.

Our Month of Halloween Activities!

The night before Halloween, I made a casserole in a pumpkin. (It is the one on the pan). If you go to Holly's Blog there is a link to another blog, a cooking blog. That is were I got the recipe. Ian loved it. And since it wasn't chicken nuggets or hotdogs, the girls wouldn't eat it. Oh well... at least it was cute and festive.

Instead of dressing in Halloween costumes at school, the kindergarteners had a Scarecrow Parade. Reagan was so embarrassed to wear the headband. And after talking to a few moms, she definitely wasn't the only one.

Jenna looking cute at Reagan's Scarecrow Parade. She had so much fun dancing around while we were waiting for the kids to start.

Jenna helped me make pumpkin cookies one day when Reagan was at school. It was the first time that I really let her help. Can I just say that was the most messy cooking experience ever. But she had a blast.

Halloween night we went to a party hosted by some members of our ward. They live on the street right next to us. We had fun getting to know everyone that lives close by (literally in our neighborhood) that are LDS. After eating and playing we went Trick or Treating in our neighborhood with the whole gang. It was quite a crowd. The streets were filled with kids. It was like nothing I had seen before. We are so happy that our kids can grow up in a place like this.
As you can tell from the picture the girls were both black cats for the night (Reagan stole my ear and tail--my usual Halloween costume).

The Saturday before Halloween, we went Trunk or Treating with a bunch of people from our ward and stake. If you can believe, our stake does not support Halloween activities. So our ward did a Chili and Square Dancing Night. There was only one ward in our stake that did a Halloween Activity, "the rebellious ward"! :) I love that!
So the LDS playgroup from our ward organized a Trunk or Treat. And put it on in the parking lot of Reg's school. It was a lot of fun. Supposedly, the Ward chili thing was pretty awesome. Bounce House, games, live band, etc, etc. We didn't go because Ian was out of town and it started late. And honestly, I didn't want to handle to kids at a mini carnival with people I just semi know.
But like I said before, the Trunk or Treat thing was fun. Jenna has discovered the joy of Halloween!