Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost Cord --->Catching Up

Like many others who have gone before me (in the blogging world), I have seem to misplaced the cord for my camera. So that is my excuse for not blogging.

Here are some pictures of things that happened a few months ago that I never posted:

I helped out at Reg's Valentine's Party (yeah, I know...that was quite a while ago but I didn't post it and I am making up for lost time).

I made Hello Kitty cake pops with some friends. Not perfect but cute and yummy.

Girls went "camping" with my mom in their backyard.

My parents have discovered the "joy" of camping in their latter years. I think they are crazy but whatever makes their boats float. :) Regardless, the girls think that it is really cool.

And nocamping in the backyard adventure would be complete without roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

Grandma Liz came to visit during the month of March. The girls had fun playing and reading books with her. (Sorry Liz for taking so long to do this.)

And here is one more really old picture (Reagan, 2 years old, after spending the day at Sea World). This is how I feel after this last weekend. (When I find the cord for the camera, I'll explain the hell-ish weekend we had.)