Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sleep Study

Reagan has always been a snorer. It seems like the older she gets, the louder the snoring gets. I brought this up to her pediatrician (who we absolutely love) and he suggested that she see an ent (ear, nose, and throat specialist). Reagan's tonsils are a bit large and she sleeps with her mouth open, so I was worried about sleep apnea. The ent was a bit eager to remove her tonsils and adenoids, so we decided to have a sleep study done on her to make sure that it was really necessary. Reagan seemed to not care either way. We just don't want to have to put her through her second surgery within the first 6 years of life if we don't have to. It is very scary to put your little girl in that position. So these are the pictures from our (her's and my) night at the Pediatric Sleep Institute.

This is the beginning of many wires.

Still happy.

Starting to realize that there are going to be a lot of wires, now that the wires on the neck and nose have been placed.

Now some behind the ear. She really had a great attitude about the whole thing.

You can see all of the wires connected to the box. There ended up being a total of 23 wired connected to her little body.

Ah, the ones on the head. She didn't complain about those ones either.

Removing the glue from the hair has not been fun.

She was worried about moving and messing up the wires.

She was finally ready to go to sleep.

Reagan was such a trooper. She didn't complain at all. She is an amazing and brave little girl.
The sleep tech was absolutely wonderful. She is what made the whole experience a great one.

Now we just have to wait and find out what will happen next.

All Worn Out

One of Jenna's eardrums ruptured a few weeks ago. She was just miserable. Once we got some meds in her, she just wanted to sleep


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...Take Me Out for the Food (my version of the song)

Last Saturday we went to an A's game (I guess it was a Rangers game but I am married to a Californian, so we called it the A's game). We took our friends, the Duenas family. Holly and I have been friends since high school/seminary. We went to good old Del Mar College/ Institute together. We both were married around the same time and were pregnant with our first children at the same time. We have also lived in Corpus, Austin, and the DFW area at the same time. If they ever leave the state, that is where I draw the line. I told Ian, Texas and only Texas will be called home. Sorry Holly. Anyway, as you can tell, they are dear friends of ours that can't get rid of us. Now back to the story... We all went to the game together. Joey is from California too and was routing for the A's along with Ian. The poor guys left the game a bit disappointed. Let's face it everything is bigger and better in Texas, that's why the Rangers won (that is also why they both married Texans :) ).

A's and Rangers

Ian explaining the game to Reagan.

Aubrey, Holly (holding Cali), Me, Jenna,Ian, and Reagan (Joey is taking the picture)

Aubrey and Reagan had a blast hanging out together (they are our firsts).

All of us girls at the game (excluding Jenna who really wanted to hang out with Daddy).
-first row: Reagan, Ella, and Aubrey-
-second row: Anayansi, Holly, and Cali-

It is always so fun to spend time with old friends. We can't wait to have free time in the summer so we can get the girls together again.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Ear-risistable Tale

On Saturday, Ian pointed out to Reagan that you could get your ears pierced at Libby Lu. So after that, all she could think about was getting her ears pierce.

Here is your play by play of the exciting event:

We headed over to Club Libby Lu after violin lessons. At this point, it was time to choose a pair of earrings. As you can tell from the picture, Reagan was very excited.

Here is a before picture.

Reagan was shown the earring gun (I guess that is what it is called).

Even after checking out the "gun", Reagan was still very excited.

The ladies getting down to business. Just so you know, Reagan didn't cry or scream. She just made the face that you see in the picture and as soon as they were finished, she was smiling again.

Here is the after picture.

Like I said, despite any pain (which was very brief), Reagan was very happy with the whole experience.

Here she is with one of the Libby Lu staff that had the honor of piercing her ears.

And of course, we had to celebrate with an exquisite dinner at, where else, Chick Fil A.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Discovering India

Two weekends ago (it seems like I am always at least 2 weeks behind in blogging), we went to the Discovering India Fair in downtown Dallas. It was in the Art District, right by Ian's office.

The music was so cool and the dancing was amazing. And if Ian was writing this post, he would write about the wonderful food and probably only that. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and were glad to expose Reagan and Jenna to such a rich culture.


Reagan and Ian enjoying the show.

Reagan making a necklace.

Jenna doing what she does best--consuming liquids.

I tried to get Reagan to get henna done on her hand but she wouldn't. So I tried it (yes, that is my hand not hers---I have very small hands). So this is before it dried up and the hardened henna came off. It lasted a bit more than a week. I thought it would last like 2 to3 days but was told otherwise. It was definitely a conversation starter everywhere I went. And Reagan discovered that it didn't hurt Mommy which meant that it wouldn't hurt her. I think that she may try it next year.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Artist

Last month, Lakeside Elementary displayed a few children's artwork at a local credit union. Reagan's art was one of only 2 kindergarteners' pieces chosen. So we were very excited for her and took her down to that credit union for some pictures.

Presenting Reagan and her piece"Division of the Squares". (I just made that up. She has no name for it but that is what it looks like.)