Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have a Husband????

I honestly can hardly recognize that guy who is by me in this picture. He vaguely looks familiar. I think he is a member of my family but I can't be completely sure. All I know is that if he is a member of my family, he has not been seen for days. I should probably put out a missing persons add.

Now that that is out of my system...I have known that Ian was going to be pretty busy at times with this big firm thing. I have been preparing myself mentally for this for several months if not years. Well, it finally happened. He has been working nonstop for this whole week. He leaves before children wake up and arrives home after they are asleep. Some nights he is up until midnight working. Saturday was spent at the office. And Sunday was filled with work too. Luckily, my parents have been visiting so I don't feel alone. But I don't think that I could get used to this. Because frankly, it sucks to have your husband gone so much.

Bad Attitude

So I didn't have the greatest attitude about my new calling. I realize that....but when you are new to a ward (and have small children), a nursery calling isn't that exciting. So today I found out that I just have to make sure everyone has snacks and put out fires (like, someone needs a table). I don't have to find subs or even be a sub. I just have to make sure everything is ok in the 3 nursery classes. Doesn't seem so bad after all. But trust me if it is, you'll hear from me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I wasn't actually planning on participating!

Last Sunday, Ian received a calling in our new ward---Ward Missionary. I was so pumped that they gave him a calling and not me. And not too mention such an easy one. Unfortunately, I was given one today. I have been called as the Nursery Coordinator. So basically, I am in charge of overseeing the , what is it, 3 or 4 nurseries in our ward. I have to make sure snacks are provided, all the teachers and subs are there, and make sure that music time is scheduled. Exciting isn't it?! So I have mixed feelings about it. I loved hanging out in Nursery when we were in the Shoal Creek Ward in Austin. I would have killed to have a Nursery calling in that ward. It was the model Nursery. I kid you not! Presently, I am not too fond of my new ward. And now, I actually have to participate in some way. That is, other than sitting there and listening. I should have known better, moving into a ward that I personally knew the Primary President for several years. Let this be a lesson to you all.

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Big Girl"

If you saw the pictures from the previous post you may be wondering (if you enlarged the pictures), is Jenna , the not quite 2 year old, wearing a High School Musical t-shirt just like Reagan? Yes. As a matter of fact she is. And she knows the words to the sound track too. It is pretty funny to hear her sing. She gets just about every other word correct. And she'll even hold out the notes (off key) at the appropriate time.

She is just like every other little sister. She wants to be just like her big sister. Today, Jenna proclaimed that she is a big girl. I guess it only makes sense. She wants everything a "big girl" wants and likes. And she has begun protesting. Yes, the terrible two's have begun. I feel like she is trying to fight over everything. And when Jenna is not fighting she is mad that she just didn't get her way. I knew this time would come....I guess I was just hoping it wouldn't.

Everyone say a prayer for me.

Party Girls

I feel so out of the loop when it comes to blogging lately. We have been so busy lately. Reagan was able to go to Aubrey's 6th Bday party (for those of you who know Holly) at an inflatable play place. Lots of fun! Jenna even had a good time. We went down a huge slide together. When we were at the bottom, Jenna flipped forward and hit her forehead on my knee. She was so happy about the slide that she didn't even cry. She was just laughing and laughing. The next morning she woke up with the hugest goose egg on her head. It has been every color imaginable. Poor thing. She is always hitting her head.

Then on Friday, Reagan went to another birthday party for one of her classmates at a kids cooking place. We have never been to a place like that before. It was pretty cool. They made their own little pizzas, wore aprons, and got chef hats. Needless to say she had a blast at both parties.

Jenna playing at Aubrey's party. She loved jumping and sliding down everything.
Reagan sliding down the huge inflatable slide.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It has Begun!

On Tuesday, Ian began his new job. So far, he has come home way earlier than expected (but it is the first week of just training type stuff). Up until today, it has seemed very similar to being a summer associate---without the nightly parties. But he did receive his first assignment yesterday which means the fun has begun. I also discovered that his section has also been working like madmen with horrible amounts of billable hours worked a year. As you can tell, I didn't find that very comforting. So the loneliness has begun.

This morning as Ian was leaving for work Reagan turned to me and said, "I hate that Daddy has to go to work. I want him to stay at home with us." Reagan, I couldn't have said it better!!