Friday, February 27, 2009

Look Alikes

Ian and I were watching American Idol last night when he made a funny observation. Adam Lambert totally looks like Jason Bateman!

Adam Lambert

Jason Bateman

As far as I'm concerned, anyone that looks remotely like he could be Jason Bateman's brother, cousin, long lost son, etc, is a winner in my book.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Sisters, No Kids, and a Whole Lot of Nashville

So I just returned from Nashvegas. And boy was it fun just hanging out with my younger sister Heidi. I went to celebrate her 28th birthday. My mom and dad came to our place to watch the girls (yes, Ian was there too but very busy with work). Thanks to them I was able to take off for 5 days and not worry about the kids or the hubby.

Since I was last in Nashville, Heidi moved into a new place (her place is behind her in the above picture). She is now the neighbor of Bill Frist (former senator of Tennessee).

His house is the one below. He is literally the next door neighbor of her. A fun little tid bit of info.

One night, we went to see The Pajama Game (one of her friends gave us the tickets). It was fun to go. But while we were parking (we were late and it was so darn cold), we (and I mean Heidi when I say we) had problems paying and ended up paying twice! Luckily the tickets were free, but $20 for parking was somewhat frustrating.

After the show, we (and by we, I mean I) were hungry. Heidi is a carrot cake freak so she took me to a place that she loves to go for carrot cake. I of course wanted something salty so we ordered carrot cake and a loaded potato.

Now let me just tell you, we were getting funny looks from the waiters because of our food combo. But we liked it and were filled up for a mere $10.93! (check it out below) I just have to say that I was very impressed by my frugalness. Yay me! High five to myself and my cheapness!

The next morning we went to Pancake Pantry. It is famous in Nashville for it's pancakes.

Here we are standing in line waiting to fill our tummy's with some sweet potato pancakes. We stood in line for an hour. Supposedly the line was quite short that morning.

We finally got in. And I had to take a picture of Heidi messing with her Blackberry. You see, normally when I am home or on a trip with the hubby, he is doing this (see below). But I was away from the hubby and I still had to deal with this (see below) the whole time.

Once we got our food, I knew that it was well worth the wait. The syrup alone filled my heart and tummy with the greatest of that was good cinnamon syrup. I highly recommend eating at this place.

Baby happy! ( I am Baby. Hah! I got you!)

After filling ourselves with pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns, we walked around (hoping to burn whatever calories that we could before it got cold again).

One of the places we went to was Posh, a boutique in Nashville.

There was an article in Elle Decor that mentioned the exact one that we went to:

"Hillsboro Village, a neighborhood near the Vanderbilt campus, is like a compact version of New York's SoHo, and it's here that Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood find edgy fashion at Posh."

So I found a fun pair of boots here. I couldn't leave the store without them. I mean that I literally could not. I am very indecisive (as you all know) and couldn't decide whether or not to buy them but I refused to leave the store without them. So what's a girl to do...I had to buy them!

We decided that that night would be an order pizza/rent a movie night (it was supposed to snow). So we rented Mama Mia. I think that we were the only 2 females in the U.S. of A to have not seen it yet. I had heard mixed reviews. It was cute and cheesy. I wouldn't recommend it (even though I know that you have all seen it). One thing that the critics had said that was absolutely true was that Pierce Brosnan sounded like a water buffalo. Too true, too true.

I had a great time with my sister. I was able to attend one of her classes. She was amazing! I knew that she was a great speaker but this was a completely different level of amazingness (love the anayansi-ism). I would have loved to have a professor that was as engaging as she was.

One thing that I should have known but didn't, was that in Nashville, everyone is a singer/songwriter. Everywhere that we went, people were claiming to be making an album or just performing somewhere. It was quite funny. Even a guy working at Sprint was telling a customer about it. Oh, and the picture of Heidi and me in the line at the Pancake Pantry...yup, that was taken by a "singer/songwriter". Too funny.

Well that is a quick overview of my trip. It was much needed on my part. I had a wonderful time with my sister. And had a great time seeing even more of Nashville. I highly recommend the Pancake Pantry (the cinnamon syrup is to die for).

Happy Birthday Heidi! Welcome to edge of your 20's! :)

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids. I definitely couldn't have done it without you two.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Date Night

Saturday evening was an exciting time for our girls. Reagan and Ian had a date. They were going to a Daddy/Daughter Princess Dinner and Dance. And Jenna and I had reservations at the American Girl Bistro (I didn't want her to feel left out).

Reagan was so excited. She had fun dancing with her friends.

And loved dancing with her daddy the whole evening.

They both had a wonderful time. Ian said that it was so funny to see all these grown men dancing their hearts out. Then when you looked down, there were all these little girls dancing right along. Personally, I loved the fact that they had this opportunity. I would have loved to have done something like that with my dad.

Jenna and I said our good byes to Daddy and Reagan and headed down to the American Girl Boutique and Bistro. We got there early enough (I know, me early... it seems almost impossible) to check the store out. Jenna loved the Bitty Baby section (since that is the doll that she has).

Then it was time for dinner. She loved having Ruby sit by her for dinner.

And since she ate all of her food, she was able to enjoy a yummy milkshake.

We all had a fun night. But Jenna is definitely ready to have a date with Daddy...she wants to go camping!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Last night, Mr. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) of Mad Men was on 30 Rock! I don't know who was more excited, me or Ian. I think that we are like most fans of Mad Men, we have a lady crush and a man crush on him. I mean look at the guy! Plus he just exudes coolness.

I must admit, Mad Men has been a tough show for me. The sexism and adultry (this is a PG13 show) are just constant. I find myself hating the characters and loving them all at once.

But in 30 Rock, Don Draper (aka Dr. Baird) is this kind, animal loving Pediatrician that is basically the perfect man. Needless to say, we were so excited to find out that last night's episode would not be his last.

So here's to all the ladies and men that were just as excited as we were. May we enjoy his good looks and charm while we wait for the new season of Mad Men to begin.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teeth, Mama, and a Fashion No No

My mother came into town 2 weeks ago so that I could attend my annual CE Dental courses. Tons of fun, let me tell you... So I sat through 9 hours of lectures the first day with no lunch break. As a result, I only had to do 3 hours the following day. Which was still torturous but not quite as bad. The only plus (other than getting my hours over with---not including my jurisprudence one, which Ian laughs at every time I call it that) was that I got to hang out with Cindy (went to hygiene school with me) and eat the whole day.

What did I learn at my conference? Basically, not much other than some nutritional information. I also had my beliefs, on parents being in the examination room, reaffirmed (I'm totally for it). I attended a 3 hour course on that one. And it was rather convincing.

As I said before, my mom came to help out with the girls. It turned out to be perfect timing because Reagan was sick during this time and I wouldn't have been able to leave her with a friend.

While Reagan rested/watched movies, Jenna and her Mama made cookies and played.


OK. Now on to a completely different subject....Uggs. I got a pair for my bday from the hubby. And for someone that thinks that 60 degree weather is cold, these baby's are a jewel! Even when it has been it's coldest here, the 20's, my feet have been extremely warm. So presently, I am living in these things.

While my family was visiting for the holidays, we went shopping an obsene amount of hours/days. And other than noticing that everyone has these shoes or some that look like them, I also noticed these uggs (see below). And can I just say that the name Ugg, completely descibes what I thought when I saw these:

What I think is hideous about these boots are the amount of...shall we call it..."fluff" that is hanging out. I think a small amount of "fluff" can be nice (see below). But the above pair, are sporting a crazy amount of "fluff". And when I checked them out in a store, I noticed the large"fluff" of a mohawk or ducktale (whatever you want to call it) above the heal and up the leg. The pair below have no mohawk (don't you love my termonology). They are bare in the back. Which makes the boot look so much better in my opinion.

Now if you have a pair of the mohawk "fluff" Uggs, please don't take offense. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just needed to get this off my chest. I love clothes and shoes too much to let this slip by. So if you do have this particular pair, I say work it. It is better to "own" your style then to look like you went a little bit overboard with the trend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Visit from Sweden

Two weekends ago, we were able to spend time with Cami and Klas. We were so excited to meet our soon to be brother-in-law. And the girls (mainly Jenna) needed to be proved that it was not Santa Klaus that was coming but instead "Uncle" Klas. :)

We had such a great time with them. Cami is such a kind hearted person so we knew that Klas had to be something special. And he was. We loved him almost immediately. He was so sweet, very friendly, and very genuine.

We are so excited for them both. They truly make a wonderful couple. Congratulations Cami! We love you!

Jenna and Camille posing with "Hannah Montana" and "Mulan".

Klas, Cami, Jenna, and Reagan

Cami and Klas were very clever. They knew that bringing gifts to the girls is always a sure fire way to get them to be extra friendly.

Ian and I are so excited to go to Sweden and attend their wedding! I know that it will be a beautiful experience.

Congrats again to you both!