Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wedding (This is the Last Bunch...I promise)

Groom (Klas, my amazing new Brother in Law) and the groomsmen

Ian walking Cami down the isle.

Traditional music was played at the wedding and reception.

Happy Couple

The music was amazing! My humble bro-in-law is a well known musician. And as a result, the wedding and reception were filled with the best musicians from Sweden.

Klas' mom and her partner danced several traditional dances.

Some Americans.

The next morning, we (all the Americans) headed out to Klas' family summer cottage (everyone in Sweden has a summer cottage---got to take advantage of the "warm" days).

We ate, talked, walked, played games, and just enjoyed nature.

I heart Sweden!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sweden was GORGEOUS!!!
We had never dreamed of ever going on a trip to Sweden but boy am I glad that we were able to. The people were so kind and humble. Everyone was willing to help us out (even on the subway). And everyone was so sincere. The Swedes are truly a different creature.

When we got off the train, Cami was there to meet us. We were so excited to see her (I mean she and Klas were the reason we were there). We were so lucky to spend some alone time with her before the wedding. She impressed us with her fluency of the language (even though everyone there spoke perfect English). And she was able to give us a mini tour before we started meeting up with more family. The first place she took us (besides our hotel) was the building where the Nobel Prize breakfast takes place. As we all know, Alfred Nobel was a Swede so it only makes sense.

This is the view from our hotel. I had to throw this one in because it was amazing to look out our window and see this beautiful city.

Later on, we met up with the rest of the family and headed on down to Cami and Klas' place.

Ian and I went on a walk with Cami and Klas to enjoy the forest that backed up to their apartment. It was perfect. Cool, quiet, green, and then of course a lake. Sweden is covered/surrounded by water. It was so nice to experience this after spending time on a plane.

One treat was going on a steamboat to hear Klas play some old jazz standards. I loved it! I mean I was in Heaven! ( I grew up watching old black and white movies and knew all the music as a result.) Even the older people were letting me get in front because they saw how much I was enjoying it. In retrospect, I should have let them move infront but they all live in Sweden and can go anytime...right?!

We did a lot of sightseeing. And an amazing amount of walking. I can't tell you how many miles a day we walked. It was awesome! I felt so healthy. Anyway, I am getting off subject... We toured museums, went shopping, took a boat tour and bus tour, toured a government building (I am married to Ian so that one was to be expected), and enjoyed good food (I am all about the food and chocolates).

Here is Ian with his sisters, Cami and Brooke. I told Ian to please stop being silly when I was taking pictures but he kept on doing it so I decided to just put the pictures up. So maybe next time he won't be so silly.

Here he is with his mom....being silly. So I told him to be serious. And this is what I got:

Not a great improvement. But it had to do.

We went to the Scandinavian Museum. And in the section that was marriage traditions, they had this great flower covered heart/arch. So we did what any natural couple would do...act cheesey.
This is the Vasa. It was a ship that sank a very long time ago (in the 1600's). The Vasa Museum was very interesting. I highly recommend it to anyone who is heading that way.

I had to throw this one in. Just to tease Ian.

This is the castle in Stockholm. They say that if the Swedish flag is being flown, the Royal family is there. If you look closely, it is up.

Ian and I had an amazing time. There are no words to express how beautiful this country was, or even how humble and kind it's people were. I am officially a huge fan of Sweden. And I am telling everyone, if you have an opportunity to go, GO!

More Pictures to come...