Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Getting Settled

Although we are crazy busy, we are very much enjoying our new house.

Reagan started school and is doing well.

Mom is still cleaning and unpacking our new house.

Dad has been working in the yard every day, organizing things, assembling and installing everything under the sun.

Jenny is having fun with all the toys that were in storage and are new to her.

We have been to every big-box store imaginable, to IKEA, to Church, to the home of new friends in the Ward, to the home of some old friends in the Ward (there are 4 families from our old ward in Austin)---like I said, crazy busy.

Today the painting begins.

Next week I start work.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm just a worrier!

Today is our last day in Corpus. We did the things that we love to do, eat taquitos at Jalisco's, did a little shopping, and hung out with family. As excited as I am to move into our own place (that is not an apartment), I am pretty sad about leaving my parents. I often worry about them. You know, the usual, are they OK, do they need help carrying something heavy, can they figure out how to work the internet, are they safe, etc, etc... Just random things. Yes, I know that they are adults and all but I can still worry. They have been so wonderful to all of us and such a huge help with the kids. I know that it is going to be hardest on them (especially Jenna who can't get enough of my Mom. Oh and Reagan always want to hang out with my Dad when the rest of us go shopping---"He always lets me eat treats, watch tv,movies, and play on the computer as much as I want"). I just hope that they know how wonderful it has been to be with them for this past year. We love them very much.

And then there were Three

Yesterday, Ian left in the morning with all of our stuff in tow. I don't know how he was able to drive that huge truck with our car on a trailer, when I am nervous about driving the girls up by myself. But he made it without any problems. He was able to see our house for the first time (I still find that funny). He mowed the lawn and is now on the way to drop off the truck and trailer. He is pretty amazing to have done that all by himself. But he is the Daddy and someone has to do it. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dad's Favorite Part of High School Musical

High School Musical 2

So anyone who knows anything about Disney knows that High School Musical has been a big hit. Tonight they are showing High School Musical 2. The girls are so excited. Reagan loves everything to do with the movie. Therefore Jenna loves it. She calls it, "Musical". My mom found these PJ's for them today. Jenna's was a size 4 so I had to adjust the pants. But if Reagan has one Jenna has to have it too. They love their pajamas and are finally getting the CD for High School Musical (the original) from my parents on Tuesday, when we leave. As you can tell from the picture, they are really excited and can hardly wait for the movie to start. If you can believe, Disney has a countdown going on right now on the corner of the tv screen. It is quite comical. It starts in 2 minutes so I am off to watch with the girls. To all who love High School Musical, I hope you enjoy it tonight. I tell you what I think about it later.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two New Additions

Yesterday, we added two more members to our family.....a new washer and dryer. They are LG Tromm's. Making these purchases is making the fact that we are about to move into our own place, more realistic. Darn those family chores!

The Countdown

The countdown has begun. Ian has exactly one week before he moves all of our stuff to Dallas. The girls and I won't leave for another 9 days from today. I must say that even though I am extremely excited, I am really sad. I don't like living very far from family. Ian continues to joke that he is slowly trying to take me out of Texas. First, Corpus....then, Austin....and now, Dallas. I still don't think that it is a very funny joke. Either way, I am going to miss being close to my family.

Boyfriend Review

Well my sister and her boyfriend made it back safely to Salt Lake. Like I said before, we had a good time with them. He is a computer programmer. Has an MBA from BYU. And is 32 years old. He is really friendly. And most importantly, he just seems to be a good guy in general.

I must say, I do feel a bit bad for David (the boyfriend). I guess that it is the unwritten rule that you must drill the guy that your sister is having a serious relationship with. So as many of you know my mom is very oppinionated. My dad is happy with the world. And I, even though I am a lot like my dad, am quite oppinionated too (not as much as either of my sisters). So we all shared our thoughts on several different subjects with the poor guy. The whole time Anita was asleep. He was completely defenseless. To make him feel better, I would through in a joke every once and a while. But he hardly said a word (and Anita has described him as an extremely talkative person). My family can be quite overwhelming at times, so I think that he was just taking everything in. Finally, Anita woke up and was able to rescue him from us. I'm sure if Ian was around, rather than being at work, David might have felt a bit more comfortable.

All in all, we think that he is a nice guy. And for goodness sakes, he survived 2 1/2 days and 3 nights with my family without any issues (but of course, Heidi and Jan weren't with us). That says a lot for a guy. Any guy who can handle that deserves 2 thumbs up. We'll see how the relationship goes.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


My older sister Anita is in town for 2 days. She has come to Texas for a wedding of an old roommate (in San Antonio). The girls have been having a blast with her and her boyfriend, David. Very soon after Jenna saw that they were here, she was running through the house playing with Anita. It has been really cool seeing Jenna so comfortable with her. She usually takes a while to get comfortable with people. As many of you know, she is not an exactly friendly toddler.

Reagan went to the Texas State Aquarium with them. She had so much fun. And best of all, she has been so tired ever since. A parent's dream come true.

We are happy that they are here. Ian and I will be going out with them tomorrow on a double date which should be fun. I'll try to get a picture of us all tomorrow so everyone can check him out. He is really nice. Ian and I have enjoyed talking and getting to know him.

I guess I'll try this out

I have decided to try to write something considering the fact that Ian has been the one that wrote everything else (in my name). You will know it is me who has written because of the poor grammar and bad punctuation ----and don't get me started on the spelling. So everyone, please bare with me as I try to figure this whole thing out. If I miserably fail at this blog, at least I can say that I tried.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Old Pics

Still learning to drive here, so hold on tight.

Bust out the popcorn for my slide show.

Page 1

My husband has finally convinced me to transfer my mad scrapbooking skills to a digital medium. This is him actually writing by the way. He will "collaborate" with me.