Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The life of a single woman:

  • Fly to Vegas for a fun weekend with friends.
  • Get asked out by professional athletes.
  • Get asked out by the man in picture. (Yes, that is really him!)
  • Attend VIP parties with the likes of the man pictured below and Ms. Spears.
  • Fly home and tell your sister and niece about your fun little but not too surprising weekend.

....only in my sister's world.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hair CUT!!!

After months and months of begging, I finally gave in. So today, Reagan got her hair cut!

The last time her hair was this short was when she was 18 months old (picture below).

I think that she looks so cute. And it was a wise fashion choice for my little/big girl.

Now I just need to make Jenna hold out a few more years. She is asking for long hair! No thank you. Her "Posh Bob" is too cute on her. I am so not giving in.

Friday, April 10, 2009


My baby turned 7!

Reagan requested several things for her special day: chocolate chip pancakes, everyone (Mama, Papa, Jenna, and Mommy) join her for lunch at school, Pei Wei, and gifts (like you didn't know that one was coming). So we took care of all of her requests. And she was very pleased.

Reagan is such a wonderful little girl. She does everything that she can to help me. She loves her little sister and is constantly "mothering" her. Reagan always has a hug waiting when someone is sad. She knows that Mommy loves sugar so much that she always shares her treats. :) She has the sweetest smile and is always willing to share that with others. Reagan has such a kind heart. She is constantly a good example to me.

Reagan loves:
Hannah Montana
Anything Rock-n-Roll -ish
Clothes (even though we don't agree on them)
Daddy/Daughter Dates
Her Family
and of course
Me :)

Happy Birthday Reg-ee-poo!
We love you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


OK. I admit it. I have actually been trying to avoid doing a post.

It all started out with me losing my camera. It took me a while to find it and then well, I got lazy. And when I say lazy, I don't just mean about blogging. I have been avoiding all things except for shopping (clothing that is). I think that I have felt so overwhelmed with the list of things that I needed to do that I decided to just ignore it all. (In my world, that actually fixes the problem rather than just making it pile up even more. Yes, I live in an imaginary world.)

So after 2 weeks of no laundry, basically no food, and quite a mess, I decided that it was time to get busy. I feel slightly stressed by it all but have decided to self medicate by shopping (house decor this time). I think that I can make it through the next 2 weeks (Reagan's bday is coming up and Adventure Guides is at our home next week too). There will however be an extremely long post in the near future, filled with a plethora of pictures.

Well I'm off, I have a therapy session with Dr. HomeGoods. :)