Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teeth, Mama, and a Fashion No No

My mother came into town 2 weeks ago so that I could attend my annual CE Dental courses. Tons of fun, let me tell you... So I sat through 9 hours of lectures the first day with no lunch break. As a result, I only had to do 3 hours the following day. Which was still torturous but not quite as bad. The only plus (other than getting my hours over with---not including my jurisprudence one, which Ian laughs at every time I call it that) was that I got to hang out with Cindy (went to hygiene school with me) and eat the whole day.

What did I learn at my conference? Basically, not much other than some nutritional information. I also had my beliefs, on parents being in the examination room, reaffirmed (I'm totally for it). I attended a 3 hour course on that one. And it was rather convincing.

As I said before, my mom came to help out with the girls. It turned out to be perfect timing because Reagan was sick during this time and I wouldn't have been able to leave her with a friend.

While Reagan rested/watched movies, Jenna and her Mama made cookies and played.


OK. Now on to a completely different subject....Uggs. I got a pair for my bday from the hubby. And for someone that thinks that 60 degree weather is cold, these baby's are a jewel! Even when it has been it's coldest here, the 20's, my feet have been extremely warm. So presently, I am living in these things.

While my family was visiting for the holidays, we went shopping an obsene amount of hours/days. And other than noticing that everyone has these shoes or some that look like them, I also noticed these uggs (see below). And can I just say that the name Ugg, completely descibes what I thought when I saw these:

What I think is hideous about these boots are the amount of...shall we call it..."fluff" that is hanging out. I think a small amount of "fluff" can be nice (see below). But the above pair, are sporting a crazy amount of "fluff". And when I checked them out in a store, I noticed the large"fluff" of a mohawk or ducktale (whatever you want to call it) above the heal and up the leg. The pair below have no mohawk (don't you love my termonology). They are bare in the back. Which makes the boot look so much better in my opinion.

Now if you have a pair of the mohawk "fluff" Uggs, please don't take offense. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just needed to get this off my chest. I love clothes and shoes too much to let this slip by. So if you do have this particular pair, I say work it. It is better to "own" your style then to look like you went a little bit overboard with the trend.


hoLLy said...

hey, i have the fluffy uggs! :) totally kidding. i am not privileged enough to own a single pair. if i did, i would definitely go with no fluff. i agree with you! cute pics of jenna and your mom. and also, what are your feelings of parents being in the examination room with the kids during a dental visit?

Anayansi said...

totally for it. i'll add it to the post. thanks.

Abby said...

Hey Anayansi. Just thought I'd say hi. I hadn't seen you since Reagan was at St. Pat's. I'm not there anymore. I had a baby and am working from home now. My daughter had some cute knockoff fluff-free Uggs. I loved them, but unfortunately by the time it got cold enough to wear them, she didn't fit in them anymore.

Anayansi said...

i love baby uggs!

Christy said...

Hey!! I got some for my bday too! Go us!!

hoLLy said...

show offs! :)

Christy said...

holly, :) it's much easier to spend money on yourself w/out little kids around. :)

And that won't last too much longer. :):)