Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Day

Today was Jenna's first day of ballet. She was very nervous (pictured below) and did not want to go in. Once she was sitting with all of the other girls, she was one happy kid.

Nervous Jenna

I picked her up from class and she was in one of these moods. Obviously, she had a great time.

Then we quickly headed home so we could get Reagan to her orthopedic surgeon's office.

For those of you who hadn't heard yet, Reagan fractured her foot on Monday. We had problems with the imaging center and so here we are 3 days later finally getting a cast. Luckily, she is one tough kid (didn't complain of any pain).

Jenna was very concerned about her sister. The whole way to the office she kept on saying, "Sister be OK Mommy?" She kept on trying to make Reagan happy and enjoyed sharing her stroller with her big sister (she generally tries to escape from it so she was really enjoying walking around rather than being pushed).

The Swollen Foot

The beginning of the process of putting on the cast.

She is such a ham.

Ready to hit the road.

On Monday, Reagan fell down some of the stairs while trying to run down them. And I know what you are thinking...Yes! It has been only since February that she had her arm cast removed. Like I have said and continue to say, Reagan has inherited my lack of athleticism and has my clumsy gene. Because of this, she avoids sports (her choice alone). Yet somehow, it happens. Poor thing. I hope the next 4 weeks go by quickly for her sake.


hoLLy said...

you need to stop pushing your kids down stairs anayansi! :) lol. in all seriousness, i'm so sorry to hear about another broken bone! hopefully it heals quickly!

and jenna looked precious in her leotard. dance class is so fun!

heidi said...

I love you Reagie-poo! YOu are one tough cookie. Of course I love my Jenna-bear too... love the minibuns on the sides of her head.

Erica and Orlando said...

That is so neat that Jenna is starting ballet. She looks so cute.

Reagan looks like one tough cookie. She always has a smile on her face.

Liz said...

Never a dull moment in the Roberts household!!! Jenna looks so precious in her leotard!!! Glad she had fun. Poor Reag!! Hopefully she will enjoy the attention and not get too frustrated with another cast!!

brooke said...

You guys sure spend a lot of time at the drs office. :) Poor kid. I am glad she was tough and that it wasn't hurting her too bad. Cute cast, I have to say. Hope the 4 weeks go by fast too. Hugs to both girls! And Jenna, you are a beautiful little ballerina.

JRose said...

Hope you are better Reagan! We love you!

Tiffany said...

Gosh, what a tough kid! She's endured a lot this year...Get better gal pal! She ought to write a book on how to survive hard falls and broken bones...Good thing Jenna is around to whip up one of her culinary experiments to make things all better :)

Tara D said...

Aw, poor little gal! Jenna looks so cute in her little ballet gear. I'm glad she enjoyed her class. :)

Ivy said...

Your girls are ridiculously gorgeous!