Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Past Week

I have decided that I should probably write a post considering that it has been a while. So here are a few happenings from this last week.

This woman (shown below) sent an item to the youngest child in our small family of 4.

For those of you who know the woman shown above, you know that this type of gift is quite typical of her.
Might I just add that Jenna announced that this is her favorite shirt. Figures...

Reagan has adjusted to her walking boot and is quite fast on it. (She dressed herself.)

The highlight of last week was having Taylor spend the weekend with us. It was Reagan's first "sleepover". We all had a blast with her.

On our way to pick up Reagan from school, Jenna keeps on asking if Taylor is going to come home with us. Obviously, Taylor was a hit at our house.

On Saturday, we met up with Marcie, Jossi, and Rylee for lunch and a movie.

Sunday was Stake Conference. We were blessed to have Elder Bednar come and speak. It was a wonderful conference.

I am determined to spend this new week searching for items to decorate our bare house. I just don't have the gift of decorating and never know what to get. But I am determined! Hopefully, it won't take another year before I get something up on the walls.


hoLLy said...

our stake got the shaft! :) i heard about your stake and the allen stake(they had pres. uchtdorf!)i am so jealous!

love that shirt heidi:)

Anayansi said...

yeah, and elder eyring was somewhere in town too.

Tiffany said...

I love decorating...I'm jealous. I wish I had a house to decorate. Hopefully soon. :) When you finally decorate, post pics of the final product. I love to see other people's ideas.

Cindy Gilbert said...

Heidi is so funny! Decorating a house is not my forte either...I think I need to start with painting more rooms in the house and that'll add some good color.

brooke said...

That shirt is fitting for both sides of the fam :) Kidding. I Miss those girls and we are counting down the days until Disneyland.
Sounds like you had an awesome Stake Conference.

heidi said...

Hey you should have put a better picture up of me...ya know one where I actually have makeup on and haven't crawled out of bed. I love that JennaBear loves the shirt.