Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grandma Liz

Grandma Liz came to visit us 2 weeks ago (surprise, surprise, I am behind again). We had a great time with her.

Liz is the one in the middle. Her cousin, Grace, lives in Carrollton and was kind enough to hang out with Liz and the girls while Ian and I were gone (we'll get to that in a bit).

Reagan was able to show Grandma Liz her new violin and what she does to practice. Reg was very excited to demonstate, as you can see.

We, Jenna and I, took Liz out to lunch on Friday.

After lunch, we took Reagan out of school early and headed off to the American Girl store. Since Liz wasn't around for Reagan's birthday, she got her a few things there.

Here she is with Reagan. (Heidi, this is the dress that you got Reg for her birthday. She loves it! It is like someone that knows everything about her likes and dislikes picked it out for her. ;) )

And here she is with Jenna.

Liz was kind enough to watch the girls so Ian and I could get away and spend some time together. So we packed up our things and took the long, I don't know, 10 mile drive South to the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas. I know, when we get away we really like to get away. (I am not sure if you can even call it a get away if it is that close to where you live.) Anyway, thanks Liz. It was very nice and relaxing. Oh! And much needed.

We had a wonderful time with her and can't wait until we can see her again!


threeballerinas said...

Looks like fun (that weekend you had there Anayansi) I'm jealous. I'm sure it was fun with Grandma Liz too. Brady is kickin' it in Italy for 2 weeks with Stokoe (from UT). He needs to take me to one of the those resorts. After 2 weeks alone with 3 kids I'm gonna need it. Looks like you guys are doing well. It's so fun to see pictures of you guys and hear about what is going on. We sure miss you. Kayla really want an American Girl doll for her birthday (Mia). Savannah got Bitty Baby from her Grandma Jerri Lynn (early- I explain on the blog about it). The girls are getting so big and so beautiful. Talk to ya later

Liz said...

I had such a great time with you all. The girls were so good!!! Wish I were closer and could do it more often! Love you all- Liz

Christy said...

She looks great on her violin! That is so fun.

JRose said...

So fun! My parents got us a gift certificate there (for seasons not AG :)) and we have yet to use it!