Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fun Just Doesn't Stop

Yesterday, we (meaning us girls....remember Ian doesn't count because he just sleeps here....I'll specify if he is ever with us) hung out with some friends at their house. As we were leaving, Reagan and Kate (the friend) decide to race down the sidewalk. Jenna wanted to join in the fun and started chasing them. In a matter of seconds, Jenna was face down with Reagan screaming, "She's bleeding!" Yes, she was hurt again. All I could keep thinking was, "Not the Emergency Room! Not the Emergency Room!" Luckily, it was just a busted lip, a huge knot on her forhead and some skinned knees.

I realize that kids get hurt but this is a bit much.

I had another little scare today when we were VTing. Jenna fell down the stairs of our lovely assigned sister's house. We were really lucky this time. Not a scratch!

If we can make it through the week with out any other injuries, I know that it will truly be an act of God.


Probative said...

Ian does not just sleep there.

Anayansi said...

sorry hun, you are participate on many a weekend. :)

hoLLy said...

you guys are not having the best luck lately!