Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Fort Worth Zoo

About 3 weekends ago, Ian, the girls, and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had such a great time there. I think that it has to be one of my favorite family activities we have done since we moved to Dallas.

Here, Ian and the girls are checking out the zebras. Aren't they cute! (The girls, not the zebras.)

This gorilla was so cool to watch. It was also kind of scary. He was so huge!

A Tiger

It was fun to happen upon this rhino. We were just crossing a bridge when we discovered that he was hanging out underneath it.

So there is a bird area where you can feed the birds. Of course, the girls wanted to feed them so we agreed to it. There were so many birds! And they would fly around in small groups so fast and so low that their wings would touch your head.

Reagan loved feeding the birds.

Jenna enjoyed it too.....that is until a bird pooped on her. I immediately cleaned her arm. And then thought, "Darn it! I should have gotten a picture of that!"

All in all, we had a fun day!


hoLLy said...

we love that zoo! its one of my favorites now. you guys took some cute pictures. what a mean bird to poop on a little girl like that! too bad you didn't get a picture:)

Anayansi said...

seriously. her face was so fun. it was like she was stunned. i really should have gotten a picture.