Friday, January 25, 2008

Christmas: Part One of a Three Part (possibly more) Series

Yes, I realize that we are basically entering the month of February, but I am a procrastinator. So you are getting Christmas pictures now.

Our Christmas was broken up into 3 separate Christmas periods (shall we say). So the first was when Steve, Lori, and Spencer came up from San Antonio. For those who don't know, they are Ian's dad, step mom, and brother. Since we have moved to Coppell, we have been able to see them a couple of times which has been really fun. We hung out, did some presents, and welcomed Camille to Texas (Ian's youngest sister). She is living in New York now.

**** Because I am not really skilled when it comes to things dealing with the computer, I couldn't figure out how to find the pictures with her and the San Antonio Roberts'. So you'll just have to wait for her pictures until we are in Part Two of the Holidays.****

It was so great that they were able to come up. It allowed us to see all of our families (except the Millar's) over the Holiday break.

Here are the girls sporting there pink pj's and just being silly together.

This is Reagan with Spencer. They were hanging out on the couch watching Scooby Doo. Nothing says Christmas like Scooby Doo. :)

Reagan took several hilarious pictures of her Grandma Lori. But to show my kindness and love to Lori, I have decided not to put the pictures up. They really are HILARIOUS!!!

Grandpa Steve has a tendency to steal kisses from the girls. Jenna is finally brave enough to give them. Unfortunately, she didn't feel like posing with anyone for pictures (other than big sister). So it is basically all about Reagan in this post.

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hoLLy said...

fun Christmas pics! where are the rest? :) i know, its hard to catch up from the holidays. it is very time consuming uploading all of the pics and captioning each. sometimes i do the slideshow thing just because its so much easier when you have a bazillion pictures you want to post. anyways, very cute pictures. look forward to parts two and three!